I provide electrical and lighting maintenance services to homes and condos  all over town. I replace smoke detector batteries,circuit breakers,bathroom fan motors,light bulbs,ballasts,GFCI outlets and switches.I repair and maintain landscape lighting and telephone and computer(COX) cables.One of my specialties is lighting art objects and antiques by painting with light to reveal what is important and beautiful!


I provide electrical and lighting maintenance to many of the best stores and institutions in the city. With my special narrow rolling aluminum scaffolding I can reach difficult locations and raise heavy objects. Most of my commercial work is done early in the mornings before the customers arrive so I can keep the stores looking great!


I am  security badged to work and provide maintenance on the airport private jet hangars section of the airport. 480 volt receptacles and ground power equipment installed and maintained. Office computer wiring installed/repaired and extended. Temporary power supplied as needed.Exterior lighting maintained to light the way for incoming aircraft.